No Big Fish

You are no doubt aware that the Odeon web site is broken in a number of ways. It has all sorts of flashy animations that server no purpose other than to prevent the site working on any browser but Internet Explorer.

And now it seems that it’s giving out bad information as well.

Yesterday my local Odeon were showing a preview of Big Fish whcih my step-daughter and I wanted to see. So using her computer (because it’s the only one in the house with IE installed) I go to the site and book two tickets. The web site tells me that the performance starts at 9:30pm.

We arrive at the cinema at 9:15pm and I put my credit card into the ticket dispensing machine and it gives me two tickets. But the tickets say that the programme starts at 8:35pm. I assume that this is the adverts and trailers and that the film itself will start at 9:30pm as I’ve been told, so we wander off to find our screen. When we go in, the film has already started, so we go off in search of cinema staff to find out what is going on.

Eventually we persuade a chap in the box office that we’re not mad and that the web site told us that the show started at 9:30pm, despite his protests that “the posters all say 8:35pm” and he gave us a refund.

But I’m definitely going to write to Odeon to complain about what happened. I wonder if I can get their address from their web site.


  1. To actually /use/ the odeon website, you might find this reimplementation quite useful: picked it up from NTK a little while back. It’s really what the site should have been in the first place. I do wonder how much time and effort they have to spend to make a website explicitly as bad as that.-Dom

  2. I know about that version of the Odeon website, but as it screen-scrapes the official site, it would had the same incorrect information. Also, you can’t book tickets thru it.

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