The Temple

Just before I left work yesterday, I heard that the Northern Line was suspended between Stockwell and Morden so I wouldn’t be able to use it to get home. My other option is to get a train from Victoria so I decide to walk down to Temple station and get the tube from there to Victoria.

The quickest way to get there from where I work is to take a walk thru the Inner and Middle Temples. This area is now part of the London Inns of Court where most of London’s barristers have their chambers, but the history of the area goes way back – it was the location of the headquarters of the Knights Templars in the 12th century. They build the Temple Church on the site in 1185 and it still stands there to this day. The old part is build on the circular design that is unique to churches build by the Templars (there’s another one I know of in Cambridge).

So the whole area is steeped in history and the story of the Templars is a particularly interesting part of history (there are some very interesting theories about the Templars and the Masons). All in all it reminded me of that it’s an interesting area of London that I don’t know enough about. I think I should probably read up on it and organise a Crisps walk around the area.

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