2002 – A Review

It’s not been a great year all in all. I’ve spent about half of it out of work. In January my contract finished and for the first time in seven years of freelancing, the client decided they didn’t want to renew. I then spent five months looking for work before finally accepting a permanent job with Bibliotech. In October they started having really bad financial difficulties and at the start of November they made me redundant. It then took me a month to find another job. On the plus side I’m back freelancing but my rates have been cut massively.

It’s not all been bad tho’. I’m almost a stone lighter that I was this time last year (I’ve discovered that it’s far easier to lose weight when you’re out of work). I had a good time speaking at a couple of conferences and it seems that my books review sideline is starting to take off (here’s a tip – if you can get a review published by Slashdot then publishers think you’re a reviewer and start to send you review copies of their books).

So, some good bits. But a lot of bad stuff.

Not a year I’d relish having to live through again.

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