More Firefox Press

There’s another piece about Firefox in this weeks Guardian Online. Once again it emphasises the fact that Firefox is only one of a number of pieces of open source software that organisations should be investigating.

The significance of these developments becomes clear from research published in August by the British Computer Society. Among those Britons who had used a computer, the top three applications were the web browser (73%), email (68%) and word processing (68%), well ahead of other categories. This means that the open source trinity of Firefox, Thunderbird and now meets the principal needs of general users, whether they run on a Windows PC, Macintosh or GNU/Linux. In fact, moving to the free operating system becomes much easier when the main applications are identical on all platforms – yet another reason for Microsoft to fear Firefox and its friends.

Firefox has had a lot of press this week – possibly more that any other piece of open source software. It’ll be interesting to see if all this coverage has much effect on browser usage stats over the next few weeks.

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