Sir Salman

The entire British honours system is, of course, outdated and ridiculous. However, until the revolution comes it looks like we’re stuck with it. And whilst we’re stuck with it, it’s good to see it used it to reward people who stand up for democratic principles like free speech. Which is why I’m very happy to… Continue reading Sir Salman


Neil Gaiman on OBEs (it’s at the bottom of the piece) An OBE, for those of you in places that aren’t British, is the Order of the British Empire, which seems rather sweet, considering there isn’t a British Empire any longer. It’s like being made a lord of the manor of a village that was… Continue reading OBEs

New Years Honours

The Queen’s New Years Honour list has been announced. Of course like any right-minded person I have no time for a system of rewards that’s based on the patronage of an unelected head of state, but it’s interesting to see who has been found fit for the regal stamp of approval. In my opinion, the… Continue reading New Years Honours