Michael Reiss Steps Down

Michael Reiss has stepped down from his post as director of education at the Royal Society. This follows the controversy over his remarks about creationism in science lessons last week. I think he’s right to go as having an ordained minister in such an important role in the Royal Society is pretty silly. I agree… Continue reading Michael Reiss Steps Down

It’s Only A Cracker

Obscure bits of religious  dogma are causing a bit of a ridiculous argument over in the USA. It seems that crackers need to be treated with the right level of respect if you don’t want the might of the Catholic League coming after you. It’s not just any old cracker, of course. Oh no. It… Continue reading It’s Only A Cracker

Rationalism 4 – Superstition 0

Over the last two days, as part of the debate on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill, Parliament has had four votes[1] where the forces of Medievalism tried to impose the views of their imaginary friends to prevent the advance of science. As you’ll have seen in the news, they lost on all four counts.… Continue reading Rationalism 4 – Superstition 0

How Powerful is Religion?

Today’s vote on the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill is going to be an interesting test of the power of religion in 21st century Britain. As far as I can see, there are no reasons to object to the bill that don’t have their basis in Bronze Age myths. Gordon Brown has been really rather… Continue reading How Powerful is Religion?

Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Here in the UK we don’t have many problems with creationists. We  have to be vigilant because it looks like they might be on the increase, but currently we mainly just point and laugh at them. It’s therefore hard sometimes to understand how much of a problem creationism is over in the US. Unless you… Continue reading Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed

Baby Bible Bashers

It’s difficult to think of last night’s Cutting Edge documentary, Baby Bible Bashers without getting very depressed. In it we met seven-year-old Samuel Boutell (see picture), nine-year-old Terry Durham and Ana Carolina Dias (who was, I think, about twelve). These three children firmly believe that it is their mission in life to fervently evangelise the… Continue reading Baby Bible Bashers

Sharia Law in the UK

Rowan Williams has certainly opened a bit of a can of worms. In a BBC interview yesterday (which was a prelude to a lecture he gave later) he said that it is inevitable that Sharia law will be adopted by muslim communities in the UK. This has, predictably, induced apoplexy in the readership of the… Continue reading Sharia Law in the UK

No More Faith Schools

This all comes a as a bit of a surprise. But a very welcome one. The Government has decided against backing more faith schools, the Children, Schools and Families Secretary, Ed Balls, told MPs. In what is being seen as one of the most significant policy shifts of the post-Tony Blair era in education, he… Continue reading No More Faith Schools

Blasphemy Update

The debate on the amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill which would repeal the UK’s law against blasphemy took place yesterday. You can read the full debate online or summaries from various news sources. Basically, following a half hour or so of debate the Justice Minister, Maria Eagle, said that the government had… Continue reading Blasphemy Update

Repealing the Blasphemy Laws

Tomorrow in Parliament, Dr Evan Harris MP will introduce an amendment to the Criminal Justice and Immigration Bill which will seek to repeal the outdated and ridiculous UK blasphemy laws. To best explain why this is necessary I can only quote the letter that appears in today’s Telegraph: Sir – In the light of the… Continue reading Repealing the Blasphemy Laws