ID Cards

Those excellent people from Stand are at it again. This time they are asking people to register their feelings about the proposed introduction of ID cards in the UK. The government are currently undergoing a period of public consultation on this matter and they claim that the responses they’ve been getting have all been very… Continue reading ID Cards

The Vanishing Tories

The Guardian today has a front page with the headline Tories fall to lowest point for four years. They are saying that the Tory party’s popularity rating has fallen to 27% which is the lowest it’s been since 1998. Frankly I’m surprised it’s so high. The Tory party is falling apart. Since their defeat in… Continue reading The Vanishing Tories


I spent a large part of the 1980s on political demonstrations where the size of the crowd was consistently underestimated in the media. “The size of the crowd at the CND demonstration was estimated at 250,000 by the organisers – official police figures put the number at two dozen”. It’s therefore very tempting to see… Continue reading Crowds

The Countryside Alliance

In the UK we have an organisation called the Countryside Alliance. It’s a group of country-dwellers who want us townies to stay out of their lives and let them carry on living the way they have for thousands of years. Actually, it’s just a front for a bunch of murderous thugs whose idea of a… Continue reading The Countryside Alliance