Week Notes 36


Another week with just a classic album post. I thought I was starting to get into blogging again, but that seems to have been a short blip.

On the other hand, I’ve relaunched the Alternative Freak site. People who have been reading my blog for several years might remember this from 2006/7. It’s a novel that a friend of mine has written in the form of a teenage diary. We decided that it would work well as a blog. The last time we tried it, not many people read it. So we’re trying again. But this time we have the added power of Twitter. I’ll probably publish it as a Kindle book too at some point.

I don’t expect many of my blog readers will want to read it. But if you have teenage children they might find it interesting.


I mentioned last week that I had pulled a muscle while running. That was probably a bit over-dramatic, but something started to hurt a bit. So I’ve rested it for a week.

My weight stayed pretty stable for most of the week, but this weekend I’ve been eating rather a lot and I’ve put on a couple of pounds. I expect I’ll try a run tomorrow morning and see how that goes.

Training & Speaking

There’s a Perl School course (Modern Perl for Non-Perl Programmers) coming up in four weeks. And I’ve just arranged the one after that. It’ll be on Object Oriented Programming with Perl and Moose and it’s on 8th December.


I thought the new Total Recall was better than most people seem to think. I mean, sure, the whole premise of the tunnel through the Earth was mad, but once you’ve suspended your disbelief about that the film was quite a lot of fun.

General Stuff

It was my birthday on Friday. I was 50. I’m not entirely sure how that happened. I’m even less sure how I feel about it.

Still, it was an excuse for a couple of really nice meals out. And hence the couple of pounds that I mentioned putting on earlier. Swings and roundabouts.

We thought it might be nice to spend yesterday afternoon in Greenwich. Which it would have been if someone hadn’t have dumped a bloody great Olympic venue in the middle of Greenwich Park. That made it all very difficult to get around. It takes ages to get up to the observatory. We only just made it in time for the last planetarium show of the day.

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