Week Notes 34 & 35


Nothing apart from a couple of classic album posts. But I was on holiday for some of the time, so that’s my excuse.


I took a week off from running. Just couldn’t motivate myself to get out of the house that early in the morning. And then I went to Berlin for three days and my diet went to pot. All of which led to me putting a few pounds back on. But I’ve been back about a week and have been running four times, so it’s all starting to come off again.

I’d been coasting a bit on my running for a while. I stuck on a “three minutes walking/four minutes running” cycle for almost a month. So this morning I switched it up to “two minutes walking/five minutes running”. It was going fine until I pulled a muscle three minutes from the end and had to hobble home. I’ll be taking it easy for a few days.


Two weeks ago I mentioned publishing a Kindle book in time for the new school year. Well that starts tomorrow and the book isn’t going to be ready in time. But it will be out at some point in the next few weeks – well before the end of term at the very latest.

It’s based around a web site that I’ll be (re-)launching later today. It’s stuff that a friend wrote. I’m just promoting it.


Haven’t talked about books for a while. And that’s not because I haven’t been reading. I read Charlie Stross’s “Accelerando” which blew my mind. Maybe I should try some more sci-fi; I pretty much gave it up about twenty-five years ago.

Currently I’m reading the first volume of Peter Ackroyd’s history of England and an great book on the making of the Wicker Man.

If you’re interested I have a site which tracks what I’m reading.

TV & Film

Not much going on on TV currently. Oh, wait, that’s not true, is it? Doctor Who started again last night. A most excellent start to the new series I thought.

Later today I’m going to see the new Total Recall. And in preparation I watched the old one a couple of days ago.

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