Week Notes 33


Two posts here this week – a “classic” album review and a rant about recorded delivery – and one over on Perl Hacks. Things are definitely looking up.


It seemed that my weight loss had pretty much stalled for a couple of weeks. For far too long I hovered just above the 14 stone mark. But for reasons that I really don’t understand that logjam broke a few days ago and I’ve been losing weight at an impressive rate since then. In fact it might even be too fast. It’s not that I’m starving myself or anything – I’m certainly going close to the calorie limit that MyFitnessPal give me.

I’ve started to notice that my clothes are a bit loose. So I’m going to need to buy some smaller clothes. This project has just started.


I don’t usually talk about my day-job here. But I’ve been with my current client for a year now. I originally signed up for six months and they’ve since given me two three-month extensions. They were about to offer me another three-month extension when the development manager stepped in and extended that to nine months.

It’s nice to know that my work for them is appreciated. And it’s good to know that I have nine months when I don’t need to worry about looking for work.


I haven’t been doing enough writing this year. But over the last couple of weeks I’ve been working on a project which I hope to turn into a Kindle book in time for the new school year. More about that in the next couple of weeks.

House Stuff

I spend a couple of hours yesterday clearing up the front garden. I say “garden”, but it’s all brick since the building work a couple of years ago – there’s not supposed to be anything growing there. But, of course, there are plenty of weeks growing in the cracks between the bricks and they need to be pulled up every couple of months.

Also, we live on a busy walking route between Balham and Streatham so we get all sorts of rubbish in the front garden. Yesterday I found a large (about two feet long) rusty drill bit and a broken bottle. The latter particularly bothers me as I’m often out there barefoot taking rubbish out. I wish people were more considerate.

Other Stuff

I’m going to be away next weekend, so next week’s notes might be a day late. I’m sure you’ll all cope.

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