Week Notes 26 & 27

Week 26. Must be halfway through the year. I know I said that last time – but I miscounted. I’ve corrected that.


A couple of posts in the last couple of weeks. One about licensing photos (something that I worry about periodically) and one pondering when the new series of Doctor Who might be broadcast. Still not as many as I’d like.


Still slowly losing weight. A few days ago I was the lightest I’ve been for many years. But since then I’ve eaten rather a lot and put on a few pounds.

A couple of days ago I ordered some running shoes. People who know me well will realise just how astonishing that is.

Training and Speaking

Nothing new on the horizon, but I’ve been preparing for upcoming courses. I’m doing an on-site course for a client in Oxford in ten days time and the first (sold out) Perl School session is on August 4th.

Normally I’d also be thinking about a course for YAPC::Europe in August. But I’m not going to that conference this year. If you want to see me at a Perl conference this year you’ll have to wait until the London Perl Workshop.


I wrote an article called “What is Modern Perl?” for Josetteorama which seemed to catch the interest of a lot of people.

I also had a meeting with a commissioning editor who tried to persuade me to get involved with a Perl book he is planning. I’m not sure whether he succeeded.


Finished watching series one of The Borgias. And now we have series two lined up and ready to go. And we’ve started to rewatch The X-Files from the start – which has been fun.

Started to watch The Newsroom. It’s very Sorkin. Which is both good and bad. I should write about that in more detail.


  1. You ordered running shoes? Did you go into a shop, get expert advice and try some on a treadmill, and then order the ones you need as they weren’t in stock? Can’t imagine any other scenario – you couldn’t have randomly picked some off the internet?

    1. Do people still go into shops?

      Yes, I can see how someone who is taking running seriously would want to do something like that. If it turns out that I’m going to be doing a lot of it then I’m sure that in a few months time I’m going to want to buy my second pair of running shoes that way.

      But this is just me trying out jogging to see how it goes. It’s a bit of a spur of a moment thing and if I had planned to do this the right way I would almost certainly never have got round to it.

      So, yes, I ordered them off the internet. As, I’m sure many people do.

  2. You’ll probably be OK, but as you’ve recently been injured, it could have been useful to go to a Sweatshop[1] and ask for advice; it’s free, and could save you some pain. Good luck with it.

    [1]other running shoe emporiums are available

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