Ten Years in an Open-Necked Blog

Can’t be anyone in the London NooMeeja scene without a blog. So here’s mine.

Welcome to the New Blog in Town – 10 July 2002

That was the sum total of the first post on this blog which was made ten years ago today. I like to think that some of the subsequent posts were of a higher quality than that.

Blogging has been patchy over the years. We’re currently going through a bit of a lean period. But there have been times when I’ve been posting several times a day. Of course, a lot of those posts were “hey, have you seen this interesting article” and these days that will probably just get thrown out on Twitter.

I don’t claim that I was a particularly early blog. 2002 was the year that the world discovered blogging in a big way. But I expect that when I started blogs were numbered in the tens of thousands rather than the hundreds of millions we have today.

This blog has changed a few times over the years. It’s now run on different technology. The address has changed at least once. And the URL scheme isn’t the same as the one I started with. But I think that I’ve always put redirections in place so that anyone who linked to that first post (not that anyone would) should find that their link still works.

I wonder what blogging will look like in ten years time.

p.s. A (virtual) pint to anyone who gets the reference in this post’s title. It has nothing at all to do with this blog.

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