Week Notes 22 & 23


I have an excuse for not writing week notes last weekend. I was on holiday in Edinburgh and was deliberately staying away from the internet as much as possible – not that that’s really possible with a smartphone in your pocket.


Bit of a mixed bag this week. Being on holiday meant that I walked the furthest that I ever have in a week since I owned the Fitbit. I beat my 10,000 steps a day target for eight consecutive days. And on one day I reached 24,000 steps. On the other hand any thoughts of watching what I ate rather went out the window.

The net result was that I returned a few pounds heavier than when I left. Hope to work those off again in the next few days.

Speaking and Training

Nothing new to add here. The week before the holiday I was just tying up some more details of the upcoming events.

I’ve been thinking about the free Perl training I’m running in London at the start of August. I think I have some ideas about how to make it sustainable and profitable. Need to talk to a few people before announcing my plans though.

General Organisation

Holidays are a great way to think things through. I was getting a bit worried that I had too many projects¬† going on and that I wasn’t finishing any of them. So I’ve decided on a smaller set of projects and (most importantly) an order to attack them in. Always good to have a plan.


No new films in the last couple of weeks, but we took some DVDs to Edinburgh with us and I’ve rewatched The Wicker Man, Almost Famous, The Quiet Earth, Enduring Love and Abigail’s Party.

This afternoon I’m going to see Prometheus. It’s been hard trying to avoid spoilers over the last ten days. I don’t think there’s anyone in my Twitterstream who hasn’t already seen it.

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