Week Notes 21


I finally wrote some blog posts. It wasn’t about anything that I though I might blog about this week, but there are three blog posts about my run-in with See Tickets. And I have a couple of ideas for other blog posts. Including one about what I’ll be doing this afternoon.


Last week I basically lost the weight that I put on over the previous weekend. And then I lost a little bit more. So it all feels a bit “two steps forward, one step back” at the moment. But, hey, it could be the other way round.

Did a few more two mile walks. Each time I do one of those it seems to help me lose a bit more weight that day. I know that’s obvious, but it’s only since I’ve been measuring this stuff quite so closely that I’ve been able to really make that connection. I mean, obviously I’ve always known it. But it’s always been more fun to assume that the laws of biology don’t apply to me. Now I can no longer deny that they do.

Speaking and Training

It seems that not a week goes by that I don’t get more people inquiring about training courses. There were a couple more came in during the week. Looks like I’ll definitely be in Oxford for a couple of days in the middle of July.

The biggest announcement this week was the date of this year’s  London Perl Workshop. It’ll be on 24th November. I’ll be giving a two hour tutorial on Object Oriented Perl. There’s a good chance that I’ll be doing at least one other talk during the day too.

I’ve started to get some feed back from the Edinburgh training I did at the start of the month. And that’s all been pretty positive. I experimented with using Google Docs (or, Drive, I suppose) to create feedback forms. That seems to have gone quite well.


No gigs this week. I was supposed to be seeing John Cale on Friday, but it has been postponed until October.


This time next week I’ll be in Edinburgh again. This time it won’t be for training, but for a holiday. I won’t be taking a laptop with me, so it’s very unlikely that you’ll get week notes next weekend. I’m sure you’ll survive.

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