Blogging Nonsense

One of the joys of MPs having blogs is that you often get to see what they are really like without their utterances going through the filter of the party spin machine. And it’s amazing how often so many of them make complete fools of themselves.

Today’s example is Nadine Dorries. Of course as a Tory she’s very happy about the results of yesterday’s council elections. I can’t really blame her for that. But does she channel that happiness into a well-researched and interesting article about why people voted the way they did? Did she write something about how the Tory party can build on this success in order to maximise their chances in the next general election?

I think you can guess the answer to those questions.

No, she wrote some childish nonsense[1] comparing Gordon Brown to Andy Pandy.

Oh dear boys and girls, Gordon’s not looking very well today.

Lets put him back in the desk shall we and see if he can face coming out tomorrow.

There’s obviously a very good reason why she isn’t making large sums of money as a comedy writer.

Voters of Mid Bedfordshire, is this really what you want from your MP? She is making you a laughing stock. Please use your vote more wisely next time.

[1] It’s possible that this link might not go to exactly where it needs to. Dorries “blog” (it’s not really a blog at all) has a ridiculous URL scheme which means it’s impossible to link directly to individual items.

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