Google Calendar Spam

Is anyone else getting Google Calendar spam? About half a dozen times in the last month I’ve got an SMS message telling me that I’ve received an invitation to an event on my Google Calendar and when I check the calendar it’s actually some kind of 419 spam.

I suppose that it was inevitable that the spammers would eventually find this new way of annoying people, but I’m not happy that it’s apparently so easy for them. Is this going to go the way of email and blog comments, with people becoming reluctant to accept event invitations from random people? Will you need to join some kind of whitelist before you can invite me to an event. I really hope it doesn’t come to that.

I’ve been just deleting the invitations, but it’s times like these that I wish there was some way to transmit a poke in the eye over HTTP. Is there something else that I can be doing? Should I report them to Google in some way? Would that help at all? I assume the invitations are being sent from disposable accounts.

I’ve only been using Google Calendar for a month or two. It would be a shame to see it become unusable. I’d love to hear any suggestions you have (as, I’m sure, would Google).

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