Bloggerheads Down

I haven’t mentioned this before, but over on Bloggerheads Tim Ireland has been shining a lot of light on the activities of Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov. It seems that the light was getting a little too bright as the people who host Tim’s web site have had legal threats from libel lawyers representing Mr. Usmanov. The hosting company have responded by turning Tim’s server off.

Having Bloggerheads taken off the web is bad enough. But Tim’s server also hosted a number of other sites including those of Craig Murray (former British Ambassador in Uzbekistan who knows more about Mr. Usmanov than Mr. Usmanov is comfortable with) and Boris Johnson. These sites will also be missing until a solution is found.

I got this news from Chicken Yoghurt. There are plenty of other links from that post if you want to get yourself up to speed on the issue.


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