Did Twitter Censor #GodIsNotGreat?

[Executive summary: Betteridge’s Law (probably) applies] The Twitter furore over the #GodIsNotGreat hash tag has pretty much died down now, but there’s one branch of the debate that is still getting comments and retweets. Here’s an example from johnwilander. #GodIsNotGreat pulled from trends because christians protest. But #ReasonsToBeatYourGirlfriend was allowed. Stay classy, @Twitter. As I… Continue reading Did Twitter Censor #GodIsNotGreat?

Bloggers – help beat Trafigura gag on BBC!

Richard Wilson writes: You can help beat Trafigura’s gag on the BBC by embedding this Youtube video on your website… …and linking to this pdf! Here’s why… Late last week the BBC chose to delete from its website a damning Newsnight investigation into the Trafigura scandal, following legal threats from the company and its controversial… Continue reading Bloggers – help beat Trafigura gag on BBC!

Bloggerheads Down

I haven’t mentioned this before, but over on Bloggerheads Tim Ireland has been shining a lot of light on the activities of Russian businessman Alisher Usmanov. It seems that the light was getting a little too bright as the people who host Tim’s web site have had legal threats from libel lawyers representing Mr. Usmanov.… Continue reading Bloggerheads Down