It’s really not surprising that the god-fearing Daily Mail has taken this approach to the BA “cross-banning” story. And it was obvious that they would side with the Archbishop of York. But what I do find surprising is that they feel the need to point out that Dr Sentamu is Ugandan. I’ve thought about it for… oh… a good thirty seconds now and the only explanation that I can come up with is that they are saying “Look, this is so obvious that even darkies can see it’s wrong”. Is there any other way to interpret it?

As for the story itself (here’s the Daily Mail version) – personally I’d rather not see religious symbols as I go about my daily business, but if people want to advertise their stupidity then who am I to stand in their way. I just think that we should all point at them and laugh.

Oh, and note to the Mail’s sub-editors. I think you’ll find that “commonsense” is one word when used as an adjective (“this is a commonsense approach”) but two words when used as a noun (“this approach is just common sense”).

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  1. There is another interpretation to that which you suggest, namely “Cor blimey, it takes a foreigner to show us what idiots we are! What is the world coming to!” (followed by a rant about house prices, probably).

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