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Tom Watson reports that he has been sent a DVD by a group of creationist nutters (that’s probably a tautology isn’t it?) which he assumes has been sent to all MPs. Apparently it’s sent from the people at and the covering letter includes the following:

I have yet to find any credible examples of chemicals turning into creatures or animals and plants etc turning into different species….These [school text book examples] have largely been discredited eg Darwin’s Galapagos Finches, Proessor Haeckel’s embryos and Kettlewell’s moths. Apples do not turn into pears slowly or quickly. Making a blind leap of faith in assuming that variety within a major species proves evolution is not tenable…..evolution hasn’t produced any radical changes…

It is not surprising that young people are rejecting scientific courses at A Level and university when the curriculum promotes the idea that the “survival of the fittest” and natural selection have lead to the chance evolution of things. It excludes serious consideration of creation.

All complete nonsense, of course. Any sensible person would just throw it away (having watched it first for a laugh). But it worries me that not all of our MPs are sensible people.

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  1. Darwinism discusses the changes which species undergo.
    Creationism discusses the origins of life.
    Darwinism does not pretend to show that life (living things) can arise out of non-life.
    Creationism does not pretend that life arises out of non-life.

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