Top Of The Pops

So Top of the Pops finally finished on Sunday. It’ll be sadly missed. Though, of course, like everyone else I’ve discussed it with, I haven’t watched it for about twenty years.

BBC Two celebrated on Sunday night with an evening of programmes (well, ok, two or three programmes) about the show. I watched the last episode of TOTP and, later in the evening, a documentary about the history of the show.

The final TOTP was a “best of” show. It featured many clips of classic (and not so classic) performances from its 42 year history. The documentary was a repeat of an old documentary from four or five years ago with a new ending tacked on. And it contained largely the same set of clips that we’d seen earlier in the evening on the show itself. That’s just the BBC being lazy. Surely they could have come up with two different sets of clips. I mean, there’s plenty to choose from. There’s really no excuse.

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