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I should really know better than to read Richard Littlejohn’s rants, but they were discussing this piece over on Daily Mail Watch so I was drawn in and now my blood is boiling.

In this article, Littlejohn’s subject is the general ghastliness of Britain and how it’s driving many of its finest citizens (i.e. Daily Mail readers) to live abroad. One of his main bugbears is (as always) immigration.

You don’t have to be a card-carrying BNP neanderthal to worry about the consequences of this sea-change in our society. It is simply impossible to absorb and assimilate this many people from a myriad of cultures in such a short space of time — that’s always assuming they want to assimilate, which in the case of many Muslims they don’t.

Neighbourhoods have been transformed almost overnight. Long-standing residents, including — often especially — those from the settled immigrant communities, feel threatened. They become strangers in the place they grew up.

They’re not ‘racist’ — that hackneyed, catch-all slander levelled at anyone who voices any misgivings about the level of immigration. They just didn’t vote for this and weren’t told it was going to happen.

So Littlejohn doesn’t like all those nasty foreigners moving into the neighbourhood, bringing down the property prices and cooking their strange smelling food. And the worst thing that they do is to fail to assimilate. And what’s the solution to this problem. To move abroad. And British Ex-Pats are so well known for integrating with the local culture wherever they live. They never annoy the natives, do they?

And, as usual, the Daily Mail web site is moderating the comments. Currently there are 52 comments – all of which agree with Littlejohn’s point of view. None of which point out the obvious glaring irony in his view.

I really wish Littlejohn would move abroad and take all his nasty, small-minded readers with him. But that would be grossly unfair on whatever country they moved to. Maybe we can persuade them all that Israel is a lovely place to live.

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