No Hawkers No Circulars

The amount of junk mail and leaflets we get through our door is ridiculous. We often get five or six separate people pushing unwanted leaflets through our letterbox each day.

I can tell that I’m not the only person on the road who is getting annoyed by this. A few houses have recently put signs saying “no junk mail” on their doors. These are largely hand-written signs, but a couple of them seem to have bought stickers from somewhere.

This a good idea, but I can’t help thinking that a hand-written sign like that would look a bit ugly on the front door. I’d want something with a bit more class. What I’d really like is a nice little brass plaque that says “No Hawkers, No Circulars” – signs like that were quite common as I was growing up.

But I worry that modern leaflet distributors wouldn’t know what it meant.


  1. The Dutch, or at least in Amsterdam, have stickers in red and green wuth Ja/Nee for I think, three different types of junk.And knowing the Dutch it’s green-driven and lagally enforced too.

  2. I put up a “No junk mail please. Ignore at your peril” note on my door, and it did the job. Until it fell off.

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