More is Less

Until recently I often used a website called TV Tome. This was the best place to go for information about TV programmes. It contained episode guides, cast lists and various other bits of trivia about all of your favourite programmes. Nice simple interface. A few ads, but nothing too intrusive.

It’s not there now tho’. It has reinvented itself as I think that all of the content is still there, but I can’t be sure because the new site is almost unusable. It’s far more graphics intensive than the old site and it makes heavy use of flash and/or Java applets. The site is horribly slow and there is too much going on all over the page.

I know people need to make money from their web sites and I suppose that they are now able to charge advertisers more. But when the needs of the advertisers takes precedence over the needs of the users then a web site is in deep trouble.

Or maybe it was just change for the sake of it. In which case it was pointless.

I hope that someone builds a new, simpler TV site. Or perhaps there’s another already out there. Currently I’m still struggling along with, but I won’t be able to take it much longer.

Update: Ok. From the comments I’m getting, I see that the TV IV Wiki is the place to go now.

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  1. I’ve read all your posts and you do complain a lot. You like the simple life that is for sure. Unfortunately evolution continues and your desire for simplicity and the good old ways really is quite quaint. I’m guessing your knowledge is quite limited. You keep attacking sites over their right to sell advertising and even think that they should perhaps only offer formats that you alone countenance. How about writing something a little more up

  2. Jemima,Wow. You’ve read all of my posts. You must be really bored now! Thanks for taking such an interest.Looking back I agree that I tend to be a bit negative on this site. Perhaps ranting here is what allows me to be as positive as I am in real life. Think of it as a kind of online therapy :)Bit worried that I come across as someone who likes the simple life and has limited knowledge. I really don’t think that sounds like me at all.And I don’t attack sites for having advertising. I’m a realist. I know that the web needs to be paid for somehow. Did you notice the Google Ads on my site? I’d be a bit hypocritical if I complained about other people running ads, wouldn’t I?

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