Minor Cross-Selling Rant

I shall be really glad when the new Harry Potter book is finally published as it will stop idiot staff in WH Smith asking me if I want to pre-order it each time I buy something there. I mean, do I look like the kind of person who reads children’s books?

And, by the way, why “pre-order”? What’s wrong with just “order”?


  1. And, by the way, why “pre-order”? What’s wrong with just “order”?

    Well, it makes a miniscule amount of sense in that it tells you to expect that it won’t just take standard delivery period, but that it’s actually unknown when you are getting it.

    But even that is really weak.

  2. “Pre-order” would seem to me to be just a bit of marketing spin. To “pre-order” makes it sound more exclusive, like you’re ahead of the pack and will be the first person to read it.Logically this is tosh, of course, but this kind of spin works on a more subliminal level.

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