Project Martin

If Ben can have his top sekrit Project Marilyn then I can have my Project Martin.

Tim says that it’s too late for MPs to get on the blogging bandwagon before the General Election, so I hope I’m not too late to introduce the Unofficial Martin Linton Weblog.

(This is, of course, why the radio streams page isn’t fixed yet – sorry about that.)


  1. Although, as you’ve named the site ‘battersea mp’, it won’t really refer to Mr Linton during the election, as he will lose this title once such a thing is announced.

  2. No, I understand that. During the election campaign I intend to cover all of the candidates. And then after the election I’ll continue covering whoever is the MP then.I was planning for longitivity :)

  3. Good man.Do remember to scan and publish any campaign material that you find questionable. There are a lot of people who would prefer that the claims and promises made during an election are quickly forgotten.

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