Malcolm Hardee

I don’t expect this to get much national news coverage, but comedian Malcolm Hardee has died (in slightly strange and very hardee-esque circumstances). I spent a lot of the 90s hanging around the periphery of the London comedy circuit. I never knew Malcolm but I knew many people who did. A lot off people who are currently doing very well in the world of comedy got a start playing in one of Malcolm’s clubs.

He’ll be sadly missed.

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  1. That’s a real shame. My favourite Malcomn Hardee story goes like this:Malcolm was doing a stand-up show, and a man in the front row fell asleep. Malcomn noticed this and asked the audience what he should do about it? “Piss on him!” came a loud reply from the back of the room. So Malcolm carried on the show, drinking his beer and doing gags. Then about 15 minutes later he just calmly took out his dick and pissed all over the bloke! Only after the show did the man wake up to find himself covered in now-cold urine. Strangely, when told what had happened, he didn’t mind!

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