Bah Humbug

Early December and I’m already deep in “bah humbug” mode. I really hate Christmas. I can’t understand how some many people who don’t follow a religion can get so excited about one of that religion’s festivals. And I also don’t understand why people who do follow that religion get so excited as it’s obvious that most of the legends surrounding the date were stolen from far older religions.

One of the things I hate most about it is Christmas songs. It’s a real trial for me to go shopping in December when every shop you go into will be playing “Merry Christmas Everyone” or “Santa Claus is Coming to Town”.

There are, however, two songs that make me put aside my cynicism briefly and almost embrace the Christmas mood. They are Steeleye Span’s “Gaudete” and (embarassingly) Greg Lake’s “I Believe In Father Christmas”.

Actually, there’s also a third – Lindisfarne’s “Winter Song”, but you’ll never hear that being played in a shop on Oxford St.


  1. I despise xmas and the crass commercialism since, really, buying stuff is all that xmas seems to be about anymore. However, refusing to shop and instead going to the pub and eating lots at parties really isn’t all that bad :) Not that I need some random religious holiday as an excuse to go drinking but….it’s as good as any and does seem to make the holidays go by much faster.a fellow humbug. :)e.

  2. I like the partying, seeing friends and family and generally being nice to people, but then I try to do that all year round. I too hate all the commercialism that is attributed to Christmas and all the cards we are supposed to buy.Thankfully I have a very artistic partner and a son that has been happily making Christmas monsters with black card, glue lots and lots and lots of glitter and googally eyes for the past week :)

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