No Sex Please We’re American

Under the terms of the multi-million-dollar fund which have been made available under President Bush for abstinence education, schools and groups can only claim federal money for sex education programmes if the classes have as their “exclusive purpose” the promotion of abstinence.

They must make clear that sexual activity outside of marriage is harmful, both mentally and physically. If contraception is mentioned, it must only be in the context of its fallibility.

The state of Louisiana, for example, has abolished all programmes providing what is known as comprehensive sex education – classes which give students information about contraception and abortion in addition to encouraging them to wait before entering into a sexual relationship.

Chastity pressed on US teens

Face it people. Teens have sex. You’re not going to stop them. The important thing is to give them the facts they need to do it safely. Not trying to scare them into staying celibate.

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