The Root of All Evil?

I’ve just watched the first part of Richard Dawkin’s The Root of all Evil? which I videoed earlier in the week. And it was great.

Dawkins is, of course, a well-known atheist. But when given an hour of prime-time television by Channel Four he really didn’t pull any punches. He starts by describing the “process of non-thinking called faith” and then for the next hour he was unremittingly caustic about the idea that in the 21st century there are still people who can take religion seriously. He spoke to representatives of the three biggest monotheistic religions and made them all look ridiculous.

One point is made very clear. Religious intolerance is the same the world over. The evangelical christians trying to get the teaching of evolution banned from schools in the US are following exactly the same train of thought as Islamist terrorists. The difference is just one of degree. Relgious faith, in any form, is damaging to society.

One interesting data point. I noticed that the advert breaks were very short. I wonder it advertisers were wary of being associated with such views.

Try and track it down on bittorrent and then watch the second part at 8pm next Monday (16th Jan).

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