40-something is the new 30-something

The Guardian had an article today about how the media seems to to be full of people writing about the angst of becoming 40. Apparently there are more TV shows about the subject in the pipeline. Is the media controled by people the same age as me? They also had a section on 40 things… Continue reading 40-something is the new 30-something


It’s been snowing here for two days so the British transport system has fallen to pieces. It does that most years. I hate snow. If I remember the books I was reading 30 years ago, by the 21st century we were supposed to all be living in cities that were covered by great glass domes… Continue reading Snow


We have a fence in our front garden. And it’s looking a bit worse for wear. So we’ve been getting quotes from fencers to replace it. In front of (and, to be honest, generally intertwined with) the fence were two bushes. Don’t ask me what type of bush. I don’t understand foliage. In order to… Continue reading Fences