Atheist Quotations

The Atheist bus campaign raised so much money last year that they have been able to massively expand their plans. Instead of the original 30 buses they were planning in London, they are now running 200 buses in London and 600 more in other places in the UK. The bus campaign officially launched yesterday. They… Continue reading Atheist Quotations

H2G2 Anniversary

Tomorrow is the thirtieth anniversary of the first broadcast of The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. This makes me feel more than a little old. I didn’t listen to the first episode but, having heard about it from friends at school, I started listening from episode two. The BBC web site has decided to commemorate… Continue reading H2G2 Anniversary

The Salmon of Doubt

I’ve just finished reading Douglas Adams’ final book The Salmon of Doubt. It’s not really his last book. Or rather it’s not how his last book would have been if he had been around to finish it. It’s actually a dozen or so chapters from various drafts of the book that were found on his… Continue reading The Salmon of Doubt