Atheist Quotations

The Atheist bus campaign raised so much money last year that they have been able to massively expand their plans.

Instead of the original 30 buses they were planning in London, they are now running 200 buses in London and 600 more in other places in the UK. The bus campaign officially launched yesterday. They also have the money to pay for adverts in tube trains which will appear next week. These adverts contain quotations from well-known atheists. I’m particularly happy to see that they have included on of my favourite quotations from Douglas Adams.


  1. Fine to say “There’s probably no God”. But to say “Now stop worrying and enjoy your life” is a waste of good advertising space. All the evidence shows that people who are religious worry less and have a happier life. And what is the aim of this campaign? To convert the believers? I’d rather spend my time and money on something useful like Palaid.

  2. Jonny,The adverts were a direct response to adverts carried on London buses last year from evangelical christian groups. These adverts claimed that anyone who didn’t a specific group’s particular view of christianity would burn in hellfire for all eternity.Saying “stop worrying and enjoy you life” is a message to anyone who might have been bothered by the christians’ nonsense.

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