38 Degrees

When I was on my self-imposed blogging hiatus in August there was one story that I read about and planned to write about on my return to London. But, course, by the time I got back there were more pressing concerns and it soon slipped my mind. Yesterday I read something that reminded me of… Continue reading 38 Degrees

Greens and Science

At the time of the European election last year, there was some debate in the blogosphere about the Green Party’s attitude to science. Holfordwatch picked up on a report which said that the Greens supported the continued use of “alternative medicine” in the NHS. Rational people, of course, gave up all idea of voting for… Continue reading Greens and Science

Blog Nation 2010

Yesterday, I was at Liberal Conspiracy’s Blog Nation 2010 conference. This was a chance for left liberal bloggers to get together and discuss strategies we can adopt now that we find ourselves in opposition (or a minority partner in the coalition government). Sunny has already blogged his thoughts on how the conference went. He asked… Continue reading Blog Nation 2010

On the Intelligence of MPs

It’s easy to make cheap cracks about how stupid MPs are. The problem is that many of them seem determined to do nothing at all to counter this impression. Indeed, they often seem keen to reinforce it. David Tredinnick (Con, Bosworth) is a particularly good example. He is a proponent of “complementary and alternative” medicine.… Continue reading On the Intelligence of MPs

Iain Dale Talks Balls

Iain Dale has some new and interesting information about Labour Party leadership contender, Ed Balls. Apparently whilst he was at Oxford in the  80s, Balls was a member of the Conservative Association there. Except, of course, the news isn’t as new or interesting as Dale would have you believe. Dale quotes from an article in… Continue reading Iain Dale Talks Balls

Killing Maggie

It’s twenty years since she left office, but Tories still don’t understand the depth of the hatred that Maggie Thatcher engendered in a large proportion of the population. Amongst my group of friends we had a agreement that any of us who got within striking distance of her would do our best to do her… Continue reading Killing Maggie

Programme for Government

Our new coalition government has released full details of its five year programme. They’ve even produced a web site that contains all of the information (although currently it seems a little broken and is just presenting a page where you can download a PDF). I thought it was worth digging into it a bit to… Continue reading Programme for Government

Unelected Prime Ministers

Over the last few days, there’s been a lot of nonsense talked about “unelected Prime Ministers”. It started off as scaremongering by the Murdoch press, but it soon started to be repeated by Tory supporters like Iain Dale. I’ve even heard people like Michael Gove and William Hague use the phrase in interviews. Of course… Continue reading Unelected Prime Ministers