Week Notes 45 & 46


Surprised at how quickly those last two weeks passed. But pleasantly surprised to see I’ve managed two blog posts in that time – even if they were both classic albums.


Still not losing any weight. But that’s not really surprising as I’m not doing anywhere near as much exercise as I was. Currently I’m just happy if I don’t put too much weight back on. I’m about four pounds heavier than the lightest weight I reached – which was back at the start of October. I’d like to lose those pounds again even if I don’t go much past that before the end of the year.

Training and Speaking

Things have been pretty hectic recently. I’ve known for months that I’ve got two training days looming, but somehow I’ve still left it to the last moment to get the courses prepared. By the end of today I plan to be ready for next weekend’s London Perl Workshop. That’ll then give me a couple of weeks to get ready for Perl School 3.


Don’t think I’ve seen any films in the last couple of weeks. Oh, wait. I saw Aeon Flux. Or, more accurately, Aeon Flux was on while I was faffing around on my laptop. It really didn’t hold my interest.


Busy couple of weeks for gigs.

Amy Macdonald – This was a bit of a random thing to see. I bought Amy Macdonald’s first couple of albums a couple of years ago after seeing her perform at the Kirsty MacColl tribute concert. They were good, but I didn’t listen to them very often. But in concert she was great. I’ll definitely be going to see her again.

The Divine Comedy – The Divine Comedy are always worth seeing. And this was Neil Hannon’s birthday so he put even more into the show than ever.

10cc – This was strange. I saw them in Croydon. And there’s only one member of the “real” 10cc left in the band. It was a bit like seeing Croydon’s best 10cc tribute band.

Tegan and Sara – Always love seeing Tegan and Sara. I don’t know why they aren’t better known.

The Killers – After my experience seeing Radiohead at the O2 last month I have been trying to sell my ticket for this. Having failed to sell it I decided to swallow my principles and try to sell it to a tout at the venue. He offered me a fiver (the ticket cost me £43) so I went to the gig instead. The Killers were every bit as great as you would expect. But the O2 is still a terrible terrible place to watch a band. And I still have a ticket to see Elbow there in a couple of weeks.

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