Week Notes 24


Two blog posts this week. One reviewing places I had eaten in whilst in Edinburgh and one related to this week’s big training announcement.

Training and Speaking

A few weeks ago, I announced a free training course I will be running in August. As it was so popular, this week I decided to run the course again. This time it will be at the start of October.

Unfortunately, I simply can’t afford to keep running free training courses, so I’m going to start charging for these courses. But I hope you agree that £30 is still a bargain for a day of high quality training.

Later in the week I announced Perl School – which is the brand that I’m going to use to sell these low-cost, high quality training courses. I hope to run one every couple of months.


It was pretty simple to lose the few pounds I’d put on Edinburgh – and then a couple more on top of that. I’m pretty happy with the way things are going. I think that getting into the whole FitBit/RunKeeper scene was a great idea. I’m having more success in losing weight that I have had for some considerable time. I should blog about that.


No real progress, but I have a couple of deadlines looming that mean I’ll need to get some writing done very soon. I should probably start this afternoon.


I saw Suzanne Vega at the Union Chapel on Wednesday. There was something not quite right on the first couple of songs (which was a shame as the first one was “Marlene on the Wall”) but by the time she started “Small Blue Thing” everything as great. The Union Chapel is a great venue (probably my favourite). She even sang some of “Tom’s Diner” from the pulpit.

This Wednesday I’m going to see Amanda Palmer at Village Underground. She always puts on a good show and I’m very much looking forward to it. I’m also hearing rumours that she might put on a ninja gig on Tuesday – so I’ll be watching her Twitter feed closely.


So I saw Prometheus. I came out of the cinema thinking that I really enjoyed it. But the more I’ve thought about it since, the more confused and less impressed I’ve become.


I finished reading “The Geek Manifesto“, which is a great book about why science seems to be under-represented and undervalued in British public life – and what we geeks can do (and should do) to change that. I highly recommend it to you.

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