Mediawatchery Blogging Meet-Up Thingy 3

We’ve done it twice before and they just can’t stop us. So we’re going to do it all over again.

This is that occasional thing where the authors of some media-watching blogs get together in a pub to drink a couple of lemonades and make plans that will solve all the world’s problems.

The first two took place in London, but we’ve been reliably informed that there’s life outside the M25 – so this time we’re going to test that theory.

We’ll be at the Back of Beyond in Reading from 3pm on Saturday 12th May. There’s a Facebook event thingy if that kind of social conformity is your thing but feel free to just turn up if you don’t want to share details of your movements in advance.

Who will be there? Ah, well that’s confidential information. And the guest list is still in flux. But you know your favourite media blogger? He’ll definitely be there. He told me he was looking forward to meeting you. So you’d better be there.

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