Week Notes 3

Finally I actually managed to write a blog post that wasn’t week notes. That may well be my biggest achievement of the week.


Still hobbling around in a cast and on crutches. Getting a bit better at it, but my upper body strength is still almost non-existent so I’m not going very far.

I went back to the hospital on Friday. On my previous visit it took about three hours. This time I did pretty much the same things and it took about half an hour. The doctor says everything seems to be going ok. They don’t want to see me for another four weeks. At that point they hope to remove the cast and replace it with a plastic boot.

Speaking and Training

Not much going on here. Still slowly building up to the courses I’ll be running at the end of February – which it now looks like I’ll be running with a plastic boot on, so there will probably be a fair bit of sitting down involved.

A couple of enquiries came in for training sessions later in the year. Looks like it could be a good year for my training business.

General Business Stuff

I host most of my domains on servers rented from 1 and 1. They’re not the best option by some distance, but they’re really cheap. At the end of last year I noticed that they had servers available running Centos 6. I rented a new server and have been slowly moving my domains over. This is a long and rather dull process. But I expect to be finished by next weekend.


Anther gig that I couldn’t get to this week. This time it was Ed Sheeran at the Brixton Academy. Put the ticket on Gumtree and within hours I had a huge number of replies. Guess I set the price too low.

TV Highlights

Sherlock, of course. For the record, here’s my theory.

Moriarty had a Sherlock mask that he used when he kidnapped the children (which is why the young girl screamed when she saw Sherlock). Sherlock jumped into the back of the lorry that we saw, but at the same time threw off Moriarty’s body with the mask on. The cyclist that bumped into Watson also gave him a quick squirt of the H.O.U.N.D. gas so he saw what he feared most. Molly arranged to have the body collected and misindentified as Sherlock.

Of course, this is just a synthesis of many theories that have been going round on the web this week. And Stephen Moffat says there’s a clue that no-one has spotted.

Finished series two of Lost on DVD and made a start on series three. And we’ve started to watch Mad Men against from the start. Hope to watched it all before series five starts in April.


Hmm… doesn’t sound like I’ve achieved that much this week. But that’s probably an accurate reflection of how I feel.

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