Snow vs Global Warming

Every winter as the snow starts to fall we get some some climate change denier claiming that the existence of snow categorically disproves the existence of climate change. This weekend the race was won by Richard Littlejohn who added the following to the end of his column in the Mail on Sunday.

It’s late November and parts of Britain are under eight inches of snow. That’ll be the global warming, then.

Why do these people have so much trouble understanding what “global” means?

Update: Tory MP Douglas Carswell made the “joke” this morning. But Carswell has previous in this area.


  1. I don’t know LittleJohn but then I don’t read the Daily Mail or the Mail on Sunday.

    In my view, neither paper can be relied on for a balanced outlook or any cutting reportage on any topic. Their persistent regurgitation of such banalities, masquerading as news to be remotely taken as fact by any reader, borders on criminal.


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