Ticket Touts

Like most of you, I despise ticket touts. I will never buy tickets from them or sell tickets to them. Today, the BBC has an interview with a 15 year old who has been making money by touting tickets on eBay. This is what he has to say for himself.

I’m 15 and I’m at school at the moment, so ticket touting seems to be the only way I can make a good income.

Can you see the flaw in his argument? He says that ticket touting is the only way he can make a good income. There seems to be a bit missing from that sentence. The bit where he says “… without actually getting off my arse and doing some work”. He seems to think that his laziness justifies ripping people off.

You can think it’s taking away the chance for genuine fans to get their tickets, but I’ve got to make my money and it’s better than being like most kids and going out causing trouble on the streets.

He’s got to make him money obviously. And he believes that this justifies ripping people off. It doesn’t of course. He’s just lazy. Youth of today… don’t know they’re born… in my day… spare the birch… conscription…

Oh look. I’ve come over all curmudgeonly. I’ll be writing letters to the editor next.

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