Shaggy Blog Stories

Most of the time telethons like the BBC’s Children in Need and Comic Relief are enough to have me frantically punching at the remote control to find something less scary to watch.

Oh, I know that it’s all for charidee and that they raise lots of money which is spent on good causes. It’s just that most of the entertainment they show is so… well… unentertaining. And I hate all those films of comics surrounded by smiling African children.

So I usually send some money whilst carefully avoiding all the “fun”.

But if you want an excuse to give a bit of money to this year’s Comic Relief, you could consider buying a copy of Shaggy Blog Stories – a collection of amusing tales from UK bloggers. It has been assembled in just one week and is being sold through (who have kindly agreed to donate all their profits on this book to Comic Relief).

So there’s a good way to contribute to Comic Relief without having to site through tonight’s dreadful show.

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