Five Things

I’ve been tagged by Piers, so here are five things you might not know about me.

  • When I was very young I was a member of my local Boys’ Brigade. As well as weekly BB meetings, this entailed going to church (and Sunday school) every week. I have no idea why I did this as, even back then, I wasn’t at all religious.
  • Just before taking my A Levels I was told not to come back to school until I had shaved off the ridiculous excuse for a beard that I had (barely) managed to grown. I therefore did most of my final revision in a local college library. Luckily I saw sense and shaved it off before they stopped me taking the exams.
  • At the age of 20 I was the Entertainments Officer for my Students’ Union (at City University). I wasn’t very good at it. I turned down the chance to book Culture Club because I had never heard of them. The night I was offered turned out to be the night after their first appearance on Top of the Pops.
  • My final year project for my degree proved “conclusively” that GUI systems would never catch on. This was immediately followed by getting a job as a Windows programmer (which, in 1988, was still quite unusual).
  • Between about 1993 and 1996 I used to line dance. And I don’t care who knows it.

I don’t really hold with tagging people with these memes, but I’d love to hear five things from Martin, Nik, Dave, Dean and Barbie.

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