On Being Aggregated

Blog aggregators are the latest thing. Well, ok, they aren’t really the latest thing – but they’re starting to become popular. And tools like Plagger make it easy to set up an aggregator. Actually, that’s not true either as the documentation for Plagger is shocking and you often end up reading the source code.

But anyway, the point of this post is that there are a lot of aggregators out there. And this blog is appearing on quite a few. The interesting thing about aggregators is that it’s a good way to find other blogs that write about similar subjects.

So if you’re interested, here are the aggregators that this blog currently appears on:

And my use.perl Journal is aggregated into Planet Perl.

3 Replies to “On Being Aggregated”

  1. Nice, but it would be even nicer if Plagger / PlanetPlanet had OPML support. It would mean that they could be included in OPML-powered directories.If OPML were included and switched-on by default, it would help bootstrap the format and allow developers to build a distributed blog directory – something we’re slowly doing, but it would speed it up an enormous amount.

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