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CSS Errors

More and more people are designing their web sites using CSS. And that’s obviously a good thing. If you don’t know why that’s a good thing and you’re designing a web site then I suggest you quickly buy and read a copy of Designing with Web Standards[1].

But the problem is that many people don’t know CSS all that well. And therefore they make mistakes. So here’s a nice little tip for you. The Javascript console in recent versions of Firefox will show you any errors it encounters whilst parsing your CSS (as well as any Javascript errors in your page – which is its main function). So before you unleash your latest HTML and CSS masterpiece on the internet, why not take a few minutes to open the page in Firefox (well, you do most of your development in Firefox anyway don’t you?) and bring up the Javascript Console (it’s on the ‘Tools’ menu) and see if you get any CSS (or Javascript) errors. If you do, then take the time to fix them – thereby doing your bit towards making the world wide web a nicer (and more standards compliant) place.

[1] Bugger. I’ve just seen that the second edition is imminent. There goes another twenty quid!

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