Nokia N91

I’ve just been phoned by someone at the Nokia Club[1] offering me a chance to test drive a Nokia N91. I get three weeks to try the phone and fill in a questionnaire and then I get to keep the phone.

I said yes please. Should arrive in a couple of days.

Anyone got any opinions on this phone?

[1] I think I joined years ago.


  1. Well my Nokia 6680 is very disappointing, so I hope you do better! The email client was written by a total cretin, and the whole user interface is slow and very crappy.

  2. You mean it’s actually finally launched, after being previewed in The Register nearly a year ago? Coo.

    I don’t think a microdrive-toting mobile is right for me, but I’ll be interested in what you make of it. Can we expect some thoughts on it to be posted here?

  3. Can we expect some thoughts on it to be posted here?

    Oh I expect so. I’ve just heard that the phone is at home waiting for me – along with my new laptop. So expect some thoughts before too long.Of course, I’ll generally be moaning that the music player doesn’t support Ogg and that the synchronisation stuff doesn’t work with Linux :)

  4. does it support ogg

    There’s a version of OggPlay in development. Not ready yet tho’.

    will it sync to linux

    I haven’t got it working yet, but I haven’t had much of a chance to experiment. It does support SyncML as does OpenSync – so I think it’ll be possible.

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