I’m Loving It

Writing in today’s Guardian, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall is understandably happy to hear that McDonald’s are closing twenty-five of their UK branches.

Even McDonald’s European boss, Denis Hennequin, is struggling to put a happy face on the situation: “The UK has been in negative territory for a couple of years now,” he admitted. “The brand 15 years ago was very trendy and modern. It is now tired.”

It’s probably over five years since I’ve eaten anything from McDonald’s I’ve never been a fan of their products. And this isn’t really for either healthy eating or anti-globalisation reasons (although these are both, of course, perfectly good reasons for not eating there). In my case it simply comes down to the fact that I’ve never enjoyed any McDonald’s products that I’ve eaten[1]. I really can’t see the attraction. Most of their food tastes disgusting. I honestly can’t understand why people find it so appealling.

[1] Ok, I admit it, except for their thick shakes.


  1. The breakfasty stuff they do ain’t too shabby either. Yeah, OK, so your life expectancy drops by a month if you even look at the stuff, but it does taste nice. But I’ve been good and abstained for the last three years.

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