Copyright vs The Holy Grail

I really don’t understand why the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail are suing Dan Brown for using their ideas. Surely if you have a good idea then you’e happy if other people publicise it too.

Maybe they just don’t like their work being associated with something quite as trashy as The Da Vinci Code.

Or maybe (and I think this is far more likely) they’ve realised that their twenty year old book is all a bit embarassing and they would rather that Brown didn’t go round reminding people of its existance.


  1. I was in hospital when I read that book, it was 6 months ago now. The only reason I read that trash was I couldn’t get out of bed and its all I had to read.

    I have never ever read such an over hyped book. It actually offends me that they are making a film on that book. It is the biggest peice of shit I have ever had the misfortune to read. I am however, not surprised they are making a film on it.

    Damn, now I am angry!!

  2. I suspect they are beyond embarrassment.

    Reason 1) They just like the sound of Danny boy’s money. It doesn’t matter whether they win or not, they get to cash in (albeit to differing degrees) from the extra sales that the publicity brings.


    Reason 2) They genuinely believe all this stuff and see Brown as a carpetbagger who has enhanced his reputation without due acknowledgement.

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