Terrorism Bill

Parliament will vote on the new Terrorism Bill this evening. If you want your MP to know how you feel on the issue then can I remind you of the very wonderful

And if you think your MP is likely to be swayed by the ridiculous claims made in the populist press then you might like to point them at Tim Ireland’s most excellent deconstruction of the claims in today’s Sun.

And tell all of your friends.

So, to summarise:

  1. Use this facility to look up and contact your MP:
  2. Tell them that 97% of Sun readers do not support Blair’s 90-day detention plan and/or send them this link:
  3. Publish steps 1, 2 and 3 on your own weblog (or send/post these details to your usual community/messageboard)

Update: Mark (in the comments) makes the excellent point that if you don’t know which way your MP voted on the bill then you can always check at Public Whip.

I bet many MPs hate having their voting record so easily available to the unwashed masses.

Update: If you think that I’ve got no right to ponificate on the fight against terrorism, then maybe you’d rather listen to a survivor of the Kings Cross tube bomb.

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