Hospital Again

I spent last night back in St George’s Hospital. Yesterday evening I started getting a bad pain in my stomach. It got so bad that at about 11pm my wife called an ambulance and they took me to A&E (my first ride in an ambulance!)

Why do these things always happen at night? By the time I had got through triage and had been prodded and tested in various ways and had finally been given a bed for the night, it was almost 4am. Even then, I didn’t get much sleep as the pain was to bad.

So it seems that it’s a side effect of the sarcoidosis. Or, rather, a side effect of the treatment. My calcium levels are too high and they think this is causing a build-up of acid in my stomach. But they sent me home this morning with some pills that seem to make me feel a lot better.

All in all, not much fan.

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