Who’s On Brighton Pier

I was in Brighton over the weekend (for reasons I’ll write more about later) and whilst I was there I took the opportunity to visit the new Doctor Who exhibition.

It was a bit over-priced for what it was (£6 each!) but it was nice to see a number of the props from the new series. There were also some nice touches, like a button labelled “do not press” in the Dalek section – when you press it the Dalek turns its eye to look at you.

I would have liked to have seen more exhibits about the older shows but the small section they had was well done. Oh, and the merchandise was all massively overpriced. I really want a large inflatable Dalek, but I’m not going to pay £30 for it.

If you’re a Doctor Who and you’re in Brighton and you don’t mind spending £6 on something that you’ll walk round in about fifteen minutes then I recommend giving it a look.

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